‘You’ are not ‘You’ (Statement or a Question)

I was on the 98th cell, and my opponent, a 5 year old kid, was on 45th cell! It was a tough competition. A competition of snake and ladder! 'Yessss! I am going to win!’ Me to that kiddo! Trying to make him feel that I am the boss and he can’t beat me in this "highly intellectual game…." -.-

Kiddo with the losing spirit softly replied, 'Dada kya farak padta hai, game hi toh hai!'

‘Kya farak padta hai, game hi toh hai!’ Looks like a line we use every time when we are about to lose a game to our friends, peers, family members but have we ever thought what impact can this line make if we try to understand its deep meaning!!

If you observe yourself while playing a game, you will see that you identify yourself with the game, winning or losing a game will make you feel better or worse about yourself respectively. It is through the game that you are trying to find the momentary pride for yourself! ‘What rubbish is this’, this is your reaction right now, I know that. Don’t worry let’s do a very small activity. I want you to separate ‘you’ from ‘you’ (Don’t be too smart to think that this is a typo). For a moment, just imagine your mind to be at one of the corners of the room where you are reading this. Your mind is simply observing you. Your mind is non judgmental, non opinionated while observing you. What did your mind say about you? It is not important at this moment to know what it said, but what you did is more important. For a moment you became conscious of yourself. You simply examined yourself. You brought consciousness to the “so-assumed” conscious mind.

Have you ever heard yourself saying, ‘What am I doing with my life?’(This is literally me, everyday); ‘I can’t tolerate myself!’(This is literally me, everyday), ‘I look good today’ (This is literally your girlfriend, everyday!). If yes, you yourself admit that you are two different identities dwelling in one piece of ‘sheet’ (Censored for children who shouldn’t watch romantic movies, but who are allowed to watch violence in the name of entertainment). Long papers can be written on this spiritual aspect, but let’s understand how can this affect us in our life using layman’s terminologies and experiences.

We always identify ourselves with the things that we acquire, with the wealth we gather, with the success that we achieve, with the failure that we face(with failures, definitely we identify ourselves to the maximum extent). And it is this identification that creates all the damn problems! I do not want to get into the technical terms like ‘Conceptual reality’ and the ‘Ego body’ in this blog, but if simply put we let the ‘Finite’ us, rule over the ‘Infinite’ within.

Scientifically talking, we are simply made of atoms and molecules which belong to the universe. Energy that makes them work is simply derived from the universe. The so called life that we talk about is simply the process of conversion of the energy. If you are simply a part of universe than why to limit ourselves by identifying with the ‘Finite’.

It’s not about leaving the ‘Moh-Maya’, it’s about being conscious of who we are, why we are, what are we doing to ourselves. Is it a statement to us that ‘You’ are not ‘You’ or is it a question to us, ‘You’ are not ‘You’? I leave this on you. You decide if you want to make it a statement or a question for yourself! Irrespective of what you choose, you go one step ahead in the world of ‘Infinity’ also called as spirituality!

Snake and ladder is a very simple game, yet winning is what I focused on. It was meant for an experience of fun, but simply made it a channel to satisfy my pride! Nothing new! We do this every day with trivial things!

This blog is just the tip of an iceberg. I am not going to advocate spirituality in my blogs; neither will I force you to change your views.

  • I will simply be a mirror to your mind

  • I will simply be the source of questions

  • I will simply be the ‘Do what you want, but be conscious of what you do’ in the world of ‘No! Do it this way’

  • I will simply be, ‘Nothing is good or bad, it’s just a perception’ in the world of ‘This is good or bad’

  • I will simply be the ‘Confusing reality’ in the world of ‘Definite lies’.

Simply be Consciously Ignorant of all the ‘Conceptual Reality’, which I will try to explain in the most logical way possible in the next blog!

By the way, I won the game! Does it even matter? :p

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