You are not alone!!

Are you also disturbed after reading/watching the news of suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput? Was he the only one who took this step? If you are mourning his death, then let me tell you, there are several others who have committed suicide, who face many mental health issues, who have given up on life! But, do we ever pay attention to those people? Do putting status and condolence messages on social media solve the problem? Will talking about mental health only at the time when a celebrity has committed suicide, really help? It is such a sad situation that society is speaking about mental health only after a celebrity has committed suicide! And, trust me, it is going to be in news for two more days and then it will settle! I even feel ashamed to say that I am using this opportunity to talk about mental health, because I know, everyone right now is talking about it, so at least some will understand the importance of mental health at this moment!

Let me ask you a simple question… when was the last you bothered talking to someone in your family or friends about their health in general? Forget about the mental health, do we even ask about health in general? Sadly for many of us, the answer is ‘No’!

This blog is not just about expressing grief, or anger, or frustration, in fact it is the other way around!

There are great chances of people who will be reading this blog is either facing mental health issues, or has faced earlier, or might face, or someone in their family/friends/acquaintances is facing mental health issue. And the only thing that I want to say is that ‘You are not alone!!’ There are many, I repeat many people in the world who are facing the issue! Let me give you some insights, if I am claiming this!

According to WHO report, one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions. Every part of the world is witnessing mental health issues, be it underdeveloped, developed, or developing countries! According to IHME there are approximately 250 million people globally who are facing anxiety issues, around 150 million are facing major depression disorder, around 175 million are doing substance abuse, around 40 million people are facing bipolar disorder. These are some of the major disorders, and, there are many more disorders being faced by millions of people!

Depression is REAL, Anxiety is REAL, Post traumatic stress disorder is REAL, Dementia is REAL, Bipolar disorder is REAL, Schizophrenia is REAL, Dysthymia is REAL! And, let me reiterate that ‘You are not alone!!’ I know it feels that your problem is unique and probably has no solution, but, trust me that isn’t the case! Every problem has got a solution, and even if it doesn’t have a solution, it doesn’t matter! At least, not at the cost of your life!

Let me tell you a small story of a boy. A happy go lucky person, having big aims in life, wanting to succeed professionally, was doing everything possible to get what he wanted! Competing at every stage, learning, fighting for glory, suddenly finds himself into depression, anxiety and PTSD. The boy lost all hopes. He was completely clueless what was happening and why it was happening! The boy had all the reasons to laugh and smile and be happy but still was seeing himself in the pit, from where getting out seemed impossible and no light could reach there so that he could see some path. But, that boy kept working, found solutions and now is trying to create awareness about mental health through blogs and by talking to people. The boy is Kunal Parekh, that’s Me!

The reason why I am telling you my short story is because, we expect others to open up first and we simply put status that ‘You can talk to me about anything and everything’, but are we ourselves opening up? We as individuals should talk about mental health, remove the stigma that it has and make it so normal, that if a person who is facing issues can easily speak up to anyone! It’s okay we cannot solve anyone’s problem, but at least we can create an environment where people would talk without being worried of getting judged!

We have to create a society, where we should feel like living.

Speak up! Talk! Cry! Laugh! Express! Go and approach someone who would just listen to you. Go and take professional help if it’s needed! And, if you find no one to talk to and just want to vent things out, you can go to the contact section of the website and anonymously write whatever you want to. Give no information about yourself, put random characters in the name and number section and just write down whatever you want to!

At last, I would just request you to share this blog. Because, you never know who is facing issues and this simple blog will make them feel less lonely! This is the least we can do for someone!

Also, if anyone has any suggestions or contacts through which I can expand my reach to create more awareness, please let me know! Some things are not for money or professional success; it’s just about being more humane!

I am sharing certain helpline numbers as well which might help you or someone in distress:

08046110007 - National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences

8376804102- Fortis Exam helpline

1860-266-2345 – Vandrevala Foundation

080-2572-2573 – Mitram Foundation

022 2754 6669- AASRA

Take care!

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