Time (does not) heal's'!

“Time is an illusion.” one of the lines by Albert Einstein explains everything! Many of us are aware of the concept of relativity that Einstein proposed, in which he proves that time is relative and it depends upon the observer. It’s difficult to understand and interpret it and many even in the science community have not fully understood it. However, time is a fundamental quantity in science. The entire science is based on time and we know this for a fact that without time nothing can exist. ‘Time’ has fascinated people for ages. Australia’s first inhabitant, around 50,000 BCE tried to form some relation between past and present. Lunar Calendar and timekeeping have been dated back to around 8000 BCE. Since then many changes have been incorporated concerning the theories of time. We have defined one second as 9,192,631,770 vibrations of a particular isotope (atoms with the same atomic number but a different mass number) of Cesium. However, even after so many definitions and studies, we as humans have not understood time completely.

Stephen Hawking in his book, ‘A brief history of time’ tried to explain the flow of time. The flow of time can be understood using three arrows of time. The first arrow is a psychological arrow, second thermodynamic arrow, and third the cosmological arrow. Have you thought why does time flow from past to present to future, and not the other way round? The simple answer is entropy. Entropy is an increase in randomness. For all those who don't know what entropy is, try to understand using this example. When a glass falls from a table, it breaks. It breaks randomly. You cannot find order in the pieces, and the same is the case with all the processes in the universe. Universe tries to become chaotic and lose the order. It is never the other way around. Thus, if you want a broken glass to get fixed on its own, you are going against the law of thermodynamics and thus time has to flow from past to present to future.

Why are we reading all this? How is it related to the healing process? Science and logic are everywhere and there is some science behind this. Simply put, healing is a process where you try to put things in order in your mind, which is against the law of thermodynamics. Universe wants chaos and it will do everything to increase the chaos within your mind, and you have to overcome this resistance to set the order.

What happens when you try to heal yourself? For a moment try to bring a memory that's hurting you for long. When you get the memory, the first thing that brain does is, it tries to find some pattern. It tries to find the logic behind why that incident occurred. And, when you get some logic you feel comfortable for some time. It tries to form some order and that is exactly against the law of thermodynamics and hence the pain! This is the reason why the healing process takes efforts and chaos is effortless.

How does time play a role in healing? First of all, is Time a reality or a concept? When we measure time, we measure it using some physical object/ entity. For example, in old days, one day was equivalent to a complete rotation of Earth about its own axis. Slowly, more accurate methods started getting used. If you observe carefully, the pattern of the universe, the Time is simply a repetition of some process. It’s a cyclic entity. And, for this, physicality needs to be attached to time to measure it. However, if we remove physicality from time, time becomes useless. Time no more exists, because you have no base to measure it. Thus, it becomes a concept. Spirituality is all about making time a concept. It sounds good as philosophy but how to use it practically to our advantage, is the main question!

If you observe yourself while remembering the negative thoughts, you are actually attaching yourself to the thoughts. You are creating some physicality in your mind and it is this physicality that creates pain. So, how to deal with it? Whenever a thought arises, get conscious. Simply detach yourself from the thought and just see the thought running in your mind. Do not react, nor attach any adjectives to the thought. Do not label it. Do not resist. Let it just flow. Try to detach all the emotions from that thought. To your surprise, you will realize it is not the thought that hurts, it is the emotions. When you detach yourself from the thoughts, you are no more creating time. And, when there is no time nothing can exist. With this small exercise done repeatedly, you will slowly drain all the emotional charges attached to the memory and soon you will feel less bothered. Eventually, that memory will have no emotions attached and you will not get bothered. And, when something that does not bother you much, your brain starts discarding those memories.

All of us have heard the line, ‘Time heals everything.’ But, in reality, it doesn’t. It simply pushes the memory behind with new memories taking their place, and when something happens which is related to the incident, memories get triggered.

Many of us try to find salvation in the future with unhealed past, totally neglecting the present moment. The unhealed past soon becomes the unhealed present, and this unhealed present is going to be the unhealed future. The loop never ends, until we understand the power of Now!

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