Purpose of life.

Have you ever got wondered by the thought of Life? Have you wondered, who we are, why we are, where we are! Have you ever asked yourself what exactly is the purpose of life? If no, don’t you feel that this is a very important question because all our life we have tried to find meaning in something or the other! And, here it’s about finding meaning into something which is so very important, that’s life! Years ago, I was asked by a kid, that what exactly is life and what is its purpose! The first thing that I did is, I tried to change the topic as I was myself unaware of what to say. But that day, I thought about what exactly the purpose of life could be. The kid asked me something that shook me from within, and there was no escape because if you take a close look at it, he was asking a very basic thing which questions the existence of every living creature! Let’s try to understand what exactly life is and what is its purpose (if it has any)!

As I love exercising my mind, I will make you guys do the same! For a second, just think of what you wish to do in life (this is very important, as it will reveal your thought process in coming lines). Many of you must have thought of amassing wealth, building a great house, achieving success, having a great career, living a good & happy life, etc. Some of you must have thought of specific goals! Great! Now, try to focus on what is coming next. Whatever you thought was it about ‘life’ or about ‘life situations’.


Okay, let me explain. Everything that you thought, was somewhere related to a situation that would make you happy/ elated/ comfortable. E.g. amassing wealth was a situation that was created in your mind, because, you feel that wealth will give you happiness or solve many of your problems. The same is the case with your other thoughts. In all these, did you think of life even once? Your entire focus was on enhancing the situations, and do you think it has any end? Work for a situation and another will pop up. Find peace with a certain situation and something else will make you anxious! There is no end to this loop. Success is overrated! Because, when you reach the top, a new challenge arises.

Then what is life? Would you like to believe in the line, ‘The universe exists because you exist.’? It simply means that you are experiencing everything about the universe simply because you have a life. If you do not have a life does anything exist for you? No! Scriptures metaphorically say that ‘Your spine is the axis of the universe.’ which simply means that everything exists because you exist. Life is simply ‘to be’. Life is what is within you. Life is your heart beating, you breathing, your blood flowing inside you, your consciousness! As we have evolved over the years our focus has shifted from within to the outside world.

How does all this have a practical application in our day to day life? How does knowing all this help?

For a moment think of all the problems that you have in your life. It can be any kind of problem financial, personal, or professional. It gets overwhelming when we think of all the problems. But do you want a quick relief? Think of all the problems, simply as life situations. A situation can be good or bad but the situation is always temporary. A slight change in perspective can give you a lot of relief mentally and emotionally. You can try this for any problem in life. Simply see it as a situation and work on it. Very soon, everything will start becoming normal. The human brain tends to look at problems in a negative light whereas seeing it as a situation will make your brain run to solve them, that too by being in control of your senses.

So should we stop chasing success? Should we stop working on our dreams? Should we stop working on making our lives comfortable? The answer is a big NO! “The heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers” Dream, sweat, slog, hustle, and achieve but don’t do it to find salvation in that dream. Don’t do it to find 'you' in that dream. The dream is the product of your existence and not the other way around. Stop taking life too seriously, because what you think is life, is, in reality, a life situation. We are too small as a being in the entire universe!

The question remains, what is the purpose of life?

Scientifically talking, you and all other creatures are simply a machine that is made up of some chemicals and their job is to convert energy from one form to another. The way we make other machines do that for us, the universe gets it done from us. We are simply here to increase the randomness. Do you think randomness has any purpose? Chaos is chaos; don’t try to find the order in it. Just enjoy the chaos. Do you think this big universe that has billions and billions of galaxies, planets, and stars cares for us? Do you think the universe will give purpose to every creature on this planet? What if the universe forgot to give you the purpose, will you choose to die?

It’s okay to be ordinary sometimes. It’s okay to not find meaning in everything. It’s okay to not have a purpose. If you still want to find your purpose, find it for life situations, because life is too precious to be measured by some purpose.

Happy Observations!

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