[Before we go ahead with the blog, let me tell you, that the title of the blog needs some change. It needs some correction, but to correct it we need to understand what the mistake is!]

The word ‘Past’ is defined as, ‘gone by in time and no longer existing’. The word ‘Present’ is defined as ‘the period of time now occurring’. The word ‘Future’ is defined as, ‘at a later time, going or likely to happen or exist’. There is a reason why I am telling the definitions of something, which we have actually taken for granted. Present is the most underrated word. If I ask you, how present you are right now, would you be able to tell? (I am not kidding, I am really asking. What is the amount of your presence at this very moment?) There is no barometer kind of thing to measure how much present you are, but I can tell you that you are not present at this very moment! Should I prove you? Cool! Let’s do this…

What are you thinking at this moment? At this very moment… Not a moment which just passed, not about the moment that might come, but this moment! Were you able to simply live the current moment? For most of you the answer would be No! You were either thinking about what is going to come next or what just happened. Let’s understand it more…

What do you do when you are idle? Have you observed yourself? If not, you can try this when you are idle. Your mind is either thinking of some past memories or it is projecting itself in future. You do not agree? No problem, let’s do a small exercise. Stop reading for a moment and think about today. Today, when you were sitting idle, or when you were working what were you thinking? Introspect. Try to recall your thoughts that you were having all day, because some interesting fact is going to turn up!

If you had observed yourself closely, you would realize you were constantly thinking about the past or about the future. Your thoughts were simply analyzing some past experiences, or trying to live some pain of past (unconsciously), or trying to make some logic out of your past memories. If it was not about past, it was about future. It would be thinking that, if you get this, this, this things you would become happy. Or, it would be thinking that, if that thing happens that way then I will find salvation. Point being, your mind was simply escaping the present! Why? Let’s understand this…

You have an identity, you have some ideals that you follow, and you have your own thought process. From where did you get? It is simply an accumulation of all the past experiences. In spiritual terms the Ego Body is the accumulation of all the experiences. The decisions that you take in the present is because of the experiences you had in the past. The judgment that you give regarding a person or a situation is based on the past experiences (You can verify this statements by observing yourself). What role does future play? Future is a trap. Do you get anxious/nervous/tensed sometimes? What causes it? It is the projection of you in the future. If you observe yourself deeply, you are trying to find salvation and security in future. Everyone wants a lovely future and so is the case with you. However, nothing exists other than ‘Now’.

Past is loaded with pain and agony. Go too much into the past and you will only find pain. Pain is a synonym of past (Again, you can try this). Future is loaded with anxiety. Salvation is right here, right ‘Now’.

What is ‘Now’?

‘Now’ is the moment that is in your control. Nothing can exist other than ‘Now’. The past that we keep on thinking was in the lap of ‘Now’ of that time. The future that we keep on worrying will be in the lap of ‘Now’ of that time. Life is a series of ‘Now’. ‘Now’ has the power to dissolve all the pain and anxiety. This might sound very philosophical, but the same concept is being used by many psychologists to cure many of the mental illness. It is not just a concept it is the only absolute reality.

Past and future is not a reality. Even though past existed once, now it is not a reality! It has gone and now it has become an illusion. No matter what you do, past will never come and future will never become the present. Because illusion cannot be a reality!

Hence, when you say that you have a problem, you actually do not have a problem right now. The problem has happened or you are imagining a problem which might not even happen. Past no more exists, neither is future. In the past moment, you faced the problem, but now it is just the illusion of problem that you are carrying. The more you carry this illusion, the more you will suffer. For once, let this sink in, that what you are carrying with you is not a real problem, but an illusion of past/future.

So why are we even mentioning the illusions in the title of the blog. Hence, PRESENT. is an apt title.

Want to know more about what exactly time is? Wait for the next blog…

Till then, happy observations!

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