Death is defined as ‘the action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism’. Death is not one dimensional, and hence do not restrict your thoughts to end of an organism. So, when was the last time when you faced death? Some days back, some months back or some years back? What if I say you faced death just few minutes back and you will face it post reading this blog! Don’t get scared, it’s not the kind of death that you are thinking of. Okay, before we move ahead in this piece, let’s do a small exercise. Recall an incident when you had an argument with your loved one/ colleague (I would request you to think of the most recent example possible), now put yourself back into the time and observe yourself. Observe what you were doing while you were arguing, observe what your thought process was, and observe what kind of energy you were surrounded by and even within your body. While observing, do not label anything good or bad, do not develop any feelings, or attach yourself to the incident. Simply Observe! (Please proceed once observations are done, only then you would be able to relate to the further points)

[Simply breathe and keep observing!]

If you would have done the observation, one thing would come out from that, which is, you were defending yourself, no matter what! With any new points from the opposite side, you would defend yourself more and more. A feeling of disturbance was there all the time; a strong urge to win was ruling your head! What is this feeling called? Why were you so much interested in winning the argument rather than listening to the opposite party? Was there someone else operating within you at that time? The answer is YES!

In my first blog ‘You’ are not ‘You’, I mentioned that we are simply a part of the universe and everything in the universe is one! Then what is this one thing that gives us a separate identity? It is the ‘Ego body’ that operates within us. The word ‘Ego’ is defined as ‘a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance’. On reading this definition it seems really fine to have Ego, because it is linked to self-importance. True! I totally agree that everyone should practice self-respect, self-importance, but are we truly doing that or we are trying to boost our Ego to a level where it becomes uncontrollable!

If you would have observed yourself in that argument, there was a feeling to defend your pride. You would feel really uncomfortable if that pride would get hurt. This ‘Ego Body’ as called in Spirituality, always considers itself in constant threat of annihilation. It can be understood using a very simple example. Imagine, you being scolded by your senior or someone not agreeing to your point. At that point your Ego Body would feel that its existence is under threat. The permutations and combinations of possible ways of death of the Ego body would already have taken place in your mind which you would be totally unaware of and it would simply operate through you. And no matter what, it will protect itself from dying!

Ridiculous wars have been fought because of the Ego issues. The Pig War of 1859, is a classic example. A kind of cold war fought because an American gunned down a Black boar belonging to British people. The Toledo war, between Ohio and Michigan, states belonging to same nation! The list is endless. You can look around yourself and see many situations where Ego has ruined everything!

Now when we know what this Ego Body is, we should also know how to control it. The answer is very simple. Get Conscious! Whenever you feel that your views are being countered or if you feel your ideology is being attacked, you either get into flight/ fight mode and then Ego Body starts operating. Simply get conscious, stop thinking about the future or past and focus all the energy in the present! Stop identifying yourself with the mind, stop the unconscious, and start thinking from the conscious mind. Discuss, debate if needed, but do it with the conscious mind, only then you would arrive at some logical solution. Do not entangle yourself in the ‘Conceptual realities’ and simply be the observer!

Life and Death are two sides of the same coin!

The death is not what we think of it. Death is not the end; it is the beginning for a new form of life. It is the death that redirects energies. In every religion, death has been given a lot of importance. Death has many dimensions. And the death, which we need to practice, is the death of the ‘Ego Body’. This death will give you some new perspective. A fresh life will be born from this death and hence this ‘antonyms’ are actually ‘synonyms’.

If you are not sure what exactly consciousness is, no worries, wait for some time. The next blog might answer that, and probably you might also get the answer of ‘What is the purpose of life!’ in future blogs. Till then stay tuned…

Kindly put your experiences in the comment section where you observed your Ego body operating through you, so that others can also introspect using your examples!

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