Is ‘Real’, real?

‘It is not my fault, you don’t understand…’, ‘Why don’t you try to do the things my way?’, ‘Everything was going so well, you simply spoilt it!’ This is some of the lines which we either use it, or have been directed to us once or more in lifetime! And these lines are more common in personal relations than professional ones, however not restricted to the earlier one. We have been at loggerheads with many people over the issue of ‘value system’. And this value system is derived from something more fundamental, something that we take for granted, and something we just accept unconsciously, that is ‘Conceptual Reality’.

The word Concept as defined by dictionary is ‘an abstract idea’ and Reality is described as ‘the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them’. So how do these contrasting words make sense?

Albert Einstein, the revolutionary scientist, the one responsible to spin minds of millions of people, introduced the concept of Relativity. Relativity which is defined as ‘a theory, that all motion must be defined relative to a frame of reference and that space and time are relative, rather than absolute concepts’. It simply means that nothing in this universe is absolute and everything is relative to each other. For all those who are not into science and don’t know what exactly it is, let’s understand using the most basic example. You are at your place probably sitting/standing/sleeping somewhere and reading this article and you ask some people as to where you are according to them. For someone you are to the right of that person, for someone you are to the left. For someone you might not be stationary. In fact even the time is relative. This might get really confusing and hence let’s just accept that nothing is ‘absolute’ (It is an approved theory by various scientist and institutions and hence asking you to just accept it, if you cannot understand it).

Scientifically talking your thoughts are simply energies of particular frequency (positive thoughts have high frequency and negative thoughts have low frequency, which is scientifically proven). The so called realities that you have accepted over the years are a kind of energy that is trapped in your brain. And energy is a part of universe. Anything that belongs to the universe has to follow the Relativity theory. In that case the absolute realities that you have accepted over the years are actually non-absolute.

In our growing years we have accepted certain conditions as realities. We never questioned them, simply absorbed it! We grew with these realities. This reality can be anything, your thoughts about other or your religion, your thoughts about your partner, about your parents, about the world etc. The list is endless. Everything that pops up in your mind right now, you have simply accepted it without consciously giving it a thought! And these realities have created so much chaos in our life.

These conceptual realities not only get you in trouble, but also affect others in a massive manner! Hitler, the mass murderer, was bitten by the same conceptual reality that Jews are not worth living. He was exposed to Anti-Semitism in his early years of childhood and soon it became an absolute reality for him. We have always asked for justice for heinous crimes, but have we ever tried to find the cause of it? At the core of it, it is the conceptual realities taken to the extreme! Had Hitler been conscious of his thoughts, history would have been different!!

However not all conceptual realities are meant to create problems. Some were made to keep harmony in the society and maintain the order of it. However, it is necessary to consciously analyze them and make sure if they are relevant for today’s time.

I totally believe that nothing is more dangerous than a negative thought, neither nuclear bombs, nor biological weapon. Because even they are created only after a thought in mind!!

Well, I am not going to tell you to change your thinking, neither to change your lifestyle. I am simply asking you to introspect, sit and consciously think of the ‘Conceptual realities’ that you have accepted as ‘absolute realities’.

If these articles confused you with certain truths, I am glad. I am simply fulfilling my promises that I made in my first blog ‘You’ are not ‘you’ (Statement or a Question). I am simply questioning you, because ‘I am the one who does not have all the answers, but many questions!’. If this blog made you question yourself and your realities, great! If not, no worries, it is not you but your ‘Ego Body’ operating in you! Stay tuned for the next blog on ‘Ego Body’, till then keep questioning yourself.....

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