Dear Job....



Anywhere and Everywhere in the world.

Subject: Major Missing!

Dear Job,

Have I ever told you, what do you mean to me? Come on! Don’t laugh at my emotions for you! Yeah, I know, I have never given you so much importance and hence this is something new for you. I know, you are thinking of the times when I have cursed you. I admit, many a times I have even asked you to leave me. But, today I realized how important you are to me!

You are not just a job to me, you are a dream. All my life I have just calculated your worth, just valued you in terms of money. Today when I am away from you, I realize that you are not just a money making thing, but you are my identity! From you, I am! When young, just finished with my engineering, I always wanted you. You know why? You are pride for a middle class person. You are the means to achieve the dream! For a graduating student, you are the stamp of ‘Success’, for a person drenched in loan you are the ‘means’. You are the certificate for a young couple that will allow them to marry. For a worker you are the smile. You are the way to attract the young talent to universities.

Do you know; for you people leave their families, migrate to a distant world, only so that you would fuel their dreams. Do you know, you are the hot topic for people to get some votes? Do you know, you are the one on which the debates are going to happen to gather TRPs? Do you know, you are the one for which people are even ready to fight with Corona? Do you know, very soon, you would be no more with millions of youth? Do you know, in your name dreams would be sold? Do you know, for you students will give their lives? Do you know, wars have been fought for you and because of you? Do you know, you were once the means to earn a living, but soon you will be the ‘living’!

We have been promised by the governments of the world that you are safe and will be with us. It is this hope that is keeping many alive. I hope, you will understand our ‘hope’ and forgive us for all our laziness, lack of sincerety and lack of commitment and be by our side!

Hoping to be by your side, having coffee with you at 4 P.M. and cherishing the office moments :)

Thank you!

Yours truly,


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